AmBeautiful – Fulfilling The Needs of The Modern Women.

The evolution of the modern woman has set a new precedence in the ever demanding era in which we live. Being a woman is not what it used to be as woman today are faced with more challenges than there were before. Juggling between being a professional, a wife, a homemaker and a mother simultaneously is no easy task. Not forgetting the risk of the many female-related illness that women are exposed to throughout their lives.

We have designed AmBeautiful, a remarkable and distinctive product just for you. It is a savings and protection lifestyle based plan specifically designed for women. The unique feature of this plan is that it rewards you in good times and in the bad times throughout the different stages of your life.

Plans to suit different needs.

Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Death/TPD Death/TPD Death/TPD Death/TPD
Beautiful Moments
Beautiful Moments
Beautiful Moments
Beautiful Moments
Lifetime Female
Golden Girls Benefits Golden Girls Benefits
Lifetime Female

Basic Benefits

  • Death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • Lifetime Female Benefits
  • Golden Girl Benefits
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Spouse Benefits
  • Beautiful Moments Benefits

How to qualify for this amazing plan?
To own this plan is simple. All you have to do is mee the criteria as follows:

  • Min Entry Age: 18 years old: Min Sum Assured: RM 10,000
  • Max Entry Age: 60 years old: Policy/Premium Term: Whole of life.
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