AM-Uni Education

AmUni Education Paving the way for your children’s education

As parent, funding your children’s education is one of the most valuable gifts that you can give them. With AmUni Education, it is now possible for you to do it in the most uncompromising and meaningful way. This specially designed Unit-Linked Insurance Policy provides the best of both worlds – protection as well as investment opportunity to save for your children’s education.

AmUni Education gives you the flexibility to decide the investment duration and the amount that you want to save for your children’s education. As your children progress through their secondary and tertiary education, you can withdraw the investment returns to meet their educational needs.

To give you further peace of mind, by adding Payor Benefit Rider, this plan also ensures that if anything happens to you, your children’s education is always secure as the full education fund will be made available to them in times of need.

Why AmUni Education?

AmUni Education is a regular premium Unit-Linked Insurance Policy that gives you the best of both worlds – protection and the investment opportunity to safeguard your children’s future.

How Flexible Is My Investment?

  • You can start by investing a lump sum of RM1,500anually. Minimum investment portion is RM300 and minimum insurance portion is RM1,200
  • You may also opt to invest monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.
  • You may invest the allocated premium of the AmUni Education in any of the selected fund(s).
  • You will have even greater investment flexibilities when more funds are added in the future.

How Does AmUni Education Protect My Children’s Future?

  • When the policy matures at the age of 25, total unit value# at unit price will be payable to you for your children’s education.
  • Upon Death or Total & Permanent Disability, the Sum Assured* or the total Unit Value# at unit price, whichever is higher, will be payable.

Education Versus Fixed Deposit?
AmUni Education provides:

  • Potentially higher investment returns than FD
  • Insurance coverage and tax exeption2

For example, if your child is 5 years old, and your annual premium is RM3,000 with the Sum Assured of RM60,000invested in AmLife Insurance Balanced Fund as the investment fund, your investment returns are:

Comparison of Fund Value in AmEdu Invest and FD 

Year FD @ 2.5% P.A. (RM) AmEdu Invest (RM) FD @ 2.5% P.A. (RM)
5 13,156 16,163
10 33,333 34,450
15 60,385 55,141
20 96,288 78,550
The projected fund return used is 8.28% p.a. since the inception of the plan. This projected fund return is just for illustration purposes only and is not guaranteed.

Educational Relief Allowance
We understand the importance of good education. An allowance will be given to your children when they attain age 13and 18 (age next birthday) for them to sit for the UPSR and SPM examinations respectively.


RM500 : UPSR (Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah)
RM1000 : SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia)
3-years waiting period is applicable for the Educational Relief Allowance
The educational relief allowance charges will be deducted from the fund value accordingly based on the age at entry.

How Much Control Do I Have?
At any time, you can:

  • surrender** or make partial withdrawals** to the plan at the unit price multiplied by the no. of units
  • switch** investment funds
  • top up** investment during any policy year to match your child’s education needs

How To Maximise My Investment Returns?
As an individual, you may not be in the position to analyze market trends in finding the best investment opportunity. With AmUni Education, your funds will bemanaged by AmInvestment Management Sdn Bhd, a member of the AmBank Group, with over 20 years of fund management experience and a commitment to secure your financial future by optimizing returns on investments within acceptable risk boundaries.

How To Enhance My Protection?
You can opt for additional optional rider(s) such as:

Payor Benefit Rider, Critical Illness Term Rider/Payor Critical Illness Term Rider, Level Term Rider/Payor Level Term Rider, Comprehensive Accident Indemnity, Accident Benefit, Hospitalization Benefit Rider, Health Management Rider, AmMedicare Plus and Dread Disease Waiver of Premium/Payor Dread Disease Waiver of Premium.

Who Can Apply?
Life Assured : Min. Age 30 days old, Max. Age 15 years
Policyowner : Min. Age 18 years, Max. Age 60 years
Policy term : Until the life assured reaches 25 years of age

Single Pricing Is Used: The price at which units are sold/purchased will be determined at the next price following the receipt of premium or claim, known as forward pricing.

Note: Unit price = Net Asset Value (NAV)

  1. For further information on fund, please get our AmUni Education brochure at all AmAssurance branches..
  2. Subject to eligibility from Inland Revenue Board

* Sum Assured is guaranteed & maximum TPD payout is RM 1million
** Subject to charges,
– Monthly Insurance charge – depends on your attained age, sex, health and occupation.
– Switching Charges – Two Free Switches allowed every policy year, and thereafter a maximum of RM 50 per switch.
– Policy charge of up to RM5 per month (only applicable to regular premium policies).

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